WARRANTY POLICY Appliances and Components

We charge a service call for every trip it takes to resolve an issue. The warranty provider will let us know if service calls are covered. Providers require us to diagnose any concerns to determine if the cause for the concern is a covered item. If required parts are not stock items, a return trip is necessary once parts arrive. We do have a minimum one hour of labor on our first visit. Return visits carry the service call fee and a minimum 1/2 hour of labor. If your specific warranty provider has extended hold times or long drawn out processes for processing claims there may be an additional $30.00 charge for processing the claim. We use a half hour of office time as a threshold for making the decision of whether we charge this administrative fee or not.  Some warranty providers cap the amount of labor they will cover based on flat rate averages. Some will cap the service call and labor rate as well. We do not reduce rates to match what is authorized, and the difference becomes an out of pocket expense to the RV owner. The RV owner is required to pay the deductible and any uncovered charges not authorized by the warranty provider. This is to be paid at time of repairs. You will be informed of any remaining balance due. Once payment is received from the warranty provider, a PAID invoice is provided. Please download, sign, and return our warranty policy agreement (HERE) which we require for all warranty repairs. 

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WARRANTY POLICY Manufacturer's


We do not do repairs directly for any Rv manufacturers. We will perform repairs that are covered by a manufacturers warranty but the customer is responsable for payment and getting reimbursed from the manufacturer.